Valuation Services

United Brokers Group LLC works with leading third party experts for business valuation requirements.  Business valuations vary by need, state by state, and often courtroom to courtroom.  We often refer valuation inquiries to qualified experts who hold one or more of the five SBA Qualified Source credentials.

For transactions with selling prices in excess of $250,000-or goodwill exceeding $250,000--- we recommend third party business valuations that are provided by CPAs and properly credentialed business appraisers with whom we work. These firms are generally located outside New England.  We can provide provide you with a list of SBA recognized professional designations with definitions to help you determine suitable valuation methods for your business.

We also subscribe to-and participate in--leading small business valuation data bases and guides. Robert Flynn is an "Industry
Expert" with the "Business Reference Guide"--America's leading provider of "Rules of Thumb" in valuing small businesses.

Third party valuations provide objective support for asking prices and often expedite the lending process. We often recommend Boston Valuation Services who provide a range of different credentialed business valuation services nationwide.

Contact us today to confidentially discuss your valuation requirement so we can recommend your best third party expert options.

Real Estate

United Brokers Group LLC provides experienced professionals with real estate services. Many of our affiliated company brokers are licensed real estate sales agents or brokers. Robert Flynn is a licensed Rhode Island real estate broker and has a wide reaching realtor network which includes major commercial and residential real estate firms in the Northeast. He is affiliated with the Northstar Realty firm which operates in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. 

Lease or Own?

If you plan to be in professional practice more than ten years, owning a building or condo could save you over 50% of the cost to lease. United Brokers Group LLC will work with real estate professionals, attorneys, and accounting experts to help you make the correct long-term decision. We work with New England Business Brokers in association with theirs client to find the right long term solution.

We have co-broke and referral agreements in place with top realtors and business brokerage firms in the Northeast.  Healthcare, Child Care and Marine entities are top areas of focus.

Building or Office Condominium?

An office condominium is similar to a residential condominium. A condominium association is formed and the association owns the land and buildings. The condominium unit owner is conveyed title in the interior space of his unit as well as an undivided interest in the common areas (building and land) of the association. The percentage of ownership is derived by the percentage of each owner’s square footage as a percentage of the total square footage of the condominium project. Maintenance, repairs, and other fees and allocated based on this percentage of ownership.

Office buildings, while typically more expensive than office condominiums, offer the opportunity to add tenants and a potentially growing income stream over the period of ownership.

When It’s Time to Exit

We can complete your real estate strategy by aligning you with competent professionals who will pre-screen buyers and navigate you through the best tax advantaged exit strategy.  We can assist you in this process in the many states in which we are licensed.

Mergers and Acquisitions Division

United Brokers Group LLC Provides the Following Services to Support You When you  Buy or Sell a Middle Market Business:

Specializing in middle market transactions with closing values of less than $10 million. Managing transactions with values of $500,000 to $10 million requires a certain level of sophistication differing from the sale of "Main Street" businesses. We are experienced in managing the deal process for Middle Market businesses with a special emphasis on healthcare, marine, child day care, security, manufacturing, temporary employment, and distribution businesses. Our in-house staff, or third party credentialed valuation experts, can value a business and confidentially market a business for sale to our nationwide network of private equity groups, strategic buyers, and high net worth investors. We can provide sophisticated financing solutions in this credit environment and introductions to major conventional lenders for potential SBA related lending such as SBA 7a or 504 loan programs.

Direct Search Capabilities for Buyers (Individual and Corporate)

Identifying acquisition candidates for qualified buyers on a retainer basis through intensive industry research using publications and assorted databases.

Business Valuations

We work with a network of CPAs and credentialed third party valuation experts and can introduce you to whomever is required to meet your business valuation requirements for sale, purchase, divorce, lending, and estate related matters.

Providing valuations on privately or closely held companies to determine value for specific purposes including:

  • Fairness Opinions
  • Estate Tax
  • Gifting
  • ESOP
  • Marital Dispute
  • Buy/Sell Agreement

Valuations can be done on a stand-alone basis or in conjunction with a merger or acquisition.